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Donegood Studio is a creative studio based in Shanghai. We’re masters in our craft, focusing on art design, infographics, motion graphics, page design, interactive design, pop-up styling, video & animation. As visual storytellers, we’re determined to transform any concept into a pure visual language.
Our team members come from different direction since 2013. We provide honest, efficient service with stunning design, served with passion to make you stand out.
Just head to us - a visualization company, you will find everything is all right here.
Donegood Studio 是设立于上海的创意机构。自2013年成立以来,我们为合作伙伴提供:平面设计、信息图设计、可视化报告、手册印刷品设计、动态图形设计、APP小程序设计、UI设计、动画及视频制作等服务,致力于将信息转化为视觉语言。

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